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Verified IRL Pin
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Hard enamel lapel pin with deluxe clutch.

.75 in (22mm)


Are You Even Worthy?

It's getting harder to get your signal thru the noise without that little blue badge on your Social Media account. And if you're not a public figure or celebrity, you can probably give up on ever achieving that level of status.

But why do we pin all of our worth on these data collecting services? Why do we lose all that sleep when they eventually wind up in obscurity like MySpace or Friendster? All they offer are inflated levels of engagement with bot farms.

The Solution

$10USD is all it takes to get your own Verified IRL badge.

Wear it with authority when your conversations go analog. No more gatekeepers with some hidden rulebook on what it means to be "worthy."

Looking to stay digital? Make sure to get your Verified IRL badge in the frame when taking those #selfies. The Verified IRL badge is 100% compatible with all your digital social media.

Show the world that you are worthy—get #verifiedirl!

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